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Become a Star

Chicago Spirit Brigade is an all-volunteer, fund-raising organization. For CSB to be successful in its mission and continue to help support individuals with life-threatening challenges we need your help and dedication! Whether you are interested in joining as a performing or non-performing member, occasionally volunteering or just want to come out and see us at an event, we welcome your support! 

Performing Members
Cheerleading: New participants are required to have prior cheerleading experience; having a background in gymnastics, dance or performance arts can also be very helpful. Athletic ability is a MUST! Cheerleading is a very demanding and vigorous sport involving cardio-endurance, flexibility, and strength.

Dance & Drill (Colorguard): Participants are not required to have prior dance or drill experience, but these may prove to be very helpful.  Athletic ability and showmanship are a MUST!

For Try-Out Information and FAQ's click here.

Non Performing Members

Non-performing members are valued year round in a variety of capacities from team management and administration to photography and videography. Perhaps you have a special administrative talent or experience with non-profits or perhaps you just want to be part of something exciting and new. Whatever your skills, we welcome your assistance and would love to have you join our CSB family. 


Please contact us if you feel you could contribute in any capacity.

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