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Become a Corporate Sponsor

As an all-volunteer non-profit organization, Chicago Spirit Brigade can only exist with the generous support of individuals and businesses like YOU! Through cash, in-kind donations or volunteer time, our sponsors ensure that CSB can continue to make an impact in the community. CSB donates 100% of the money we raise to organizations providing direct-care services to people living with life-threatening challenges. Chicago Spirit Brigade is a 501(c)3 charitable organization and donations are tax-deductible as afforded by the IRS and tax revenue codes. Please give generously where you can!

Levels of Sponsorship:

      4 Star  donations of $10,000 or more

      3 Star  donations of $5,000 or more

      2 Star  donations of $1,000 or more

      1 Star   donations up to $1,000

Please contact us for marketing and sponsorship details. 

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