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Performance Tryouts

Tryouts for those interested in becoming performing members are held at least once per year in the Fall. The official tryout date is preceded by a practice workshop so that you can become familiar with the type of work our performances require. These workshops are scheduled during the weeks leading up to the tryouts.

This year, CSB is offering open gym sessions for anyone interested in seeing if we're the right fit for you! Currently, these open gym sessions are only open to those interested in cheer. 

Open gym sessions at
Cheer Destiny
3800 N Milwaukee Ave, Chicago, IL 60641
2023 Cheer Open Gyms:
Sunday, December 10th, 11:00a - 2:00p
Sunday, December 17th, 11:00a - 2:00p
Tryout clinics for dance and cheer 2023: January 21st & 28th
Official tryout date: February 4th
Attendance of at least one clinic is required for tryouts!
Time for all dates: 
Cheer: 11-2PM
Dance: 12-2PM
Location: Cheer Destiny
3800 N Milwaukee Ave
Unit E
Chicago, IL 60641

Ready to Tryout? Fill out this form, we can't wait to meet you!


FAQ regarding CSB tryouts

Q:  Do I have to have experience to try out?

A:  CSB is willing teach anyone willing to learn. You will just need to meet the minimum tryout qualifications as noted in the tryout process below. 


Q:  How old do I have need to be to join the Chicago Spirit Brigade

A:  Performing and Pep members are required to be 21 years of age on or before the day of tryouts.  Sorry, but we’re unable to make any age exceptions. Non-performing Volunteers can be any age, depending on the performance.  Anyone under the age of 18 must have their parent or guardian sign a waiver for them to be able to participate.

Q:  What is involved in the tryout process?

A:  We ask that anyone interested in trying out sign up online and complete a series of requested paperwork and waivers for a panel of our members to review. They will also consider your overall performance, positive attitude and commitment to fund-raising. 
Each squad has some additional requirements: 


We will instruct you with some basic stunting, motions and safety.  Then you will learn and perform a mini-routine with a tryout group and be reviewed on your individual performance.


We will review some basics of dance technique and teach you a short combination to perform for an audition with a tryout group.  Everyone will be reviewed on individual performances.


Drill (Colorguard): Only for returning members
We will show you the basics of single short flag (Pep Flag).  Then, you’ll perform a mini-routine taught at the workshops.  Everyone will be evaluated on individual performances.

Q:  What do I need to bring to workshops and tryouts?

A:  After you express interest via the Tryout Form an email will be sent to you with the detailed information you’ll need.


For starters, you should plan to bring the following essentials with you:


  • All of the completed forms sent to you in the email

  • A photo copy of your ID
    (must be a valid Driver’s License, State ID or Passport with your photo on it)

  • Comfortable clothing you can move/work out in
    (note: for cheer members all shirts must have sleeves)

  • Appropriate gym-friendly shoes for the activities, including, but not limited to, gym shoes, dance shoes, cheer shoes, or dance flats

  • A fun, cheerful and positive spirit


Q:  Are the workshops and tryout dates mandatory?

A:  New members should plan to attend workshops and tryouts.  Should you have any conflicts with these dates, please let us know in advance, so we can discuss what options are available. Be mindful that you are responsible for knowing and presenting the material that is taught at workshops on the tryout date.


Q:  Where and when does the Chicago Spirit Brigade practice?

A:  Rehearsals are held on the North Side of Chicago, typically in Old Town.


Q:  What is the overall time commitment to a member of the Chicago Spirit Brigade?

A:  Performance is a team effort and requires regular attendance from all performing members. We regularly practice every Sunday from 11:00am-2:00 pm from workshop dates through mid-August, with certain holidays off throughout the year.  In addition, there are several mandatory performances throughout the year which could require a half to a full day of your time, depending on call times.  We also have several optional events, of which you will be required to complete a pre-determined number during the season.  More information will be provided at the Workshops and Tryouts.


Q:  What is the financial commitment?

A:  We are a fund-raising organization assisting the efforts of local charities by offering our time (or our dime), and this is our main focus. Annual membership dues are $200 with an additional requirement of purchasing your uniform in February. Overall, you can expect to pay $300-$400 (including dues) in your first year. Payment plans are available.  A more final estimate will be communicated to you during the Workshops.  


Q:  Who should I contact if I have more questions about CSB tryouts?

A:  Questions should be directed to


We’re glad you’re interested in joining the CSB family of fund-raisers and look forward to meeting you very soon!

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